Surface Roughness Tester SURFTEST-10

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Surface Roughness Tester

Item Code: SURFTEST-10

Product Feature
* High accuracy inductive Transducer.
* Multiple parameter measurement: Ra. Rz.
* Cross-section LCD display.
* Man-machine conversation.
* Intuitive interface, easy operation.
* Can store the latest 7 groups measurements.
* Widely used in production site to measure surtace rougnness of various machine-processed
    parts calculate Corresponding and clearly display the measuring parameter.
Parameter measurement: Ra, Rz, with Extended Cable Probe.
* Use DSP chip control and Data processing, high speed, low power consumption LCD digital
   backlit display.
* Can be measured in several parts of the surface roughness Planar, Curve surface, small
   hole, slot of the Irregular surface.
* Can communicate with PC computer for statistics and printing by the optional cable and
   software RS 232C.
* Design of electromechanical integration, small volume, light weight, convenient with
   measuring value storage.
* Built in Re-chargeable battery. Auto power off.
* Optional Adaptor Sleeve, Deep Groove Sensor, USB, RS 232 for PC Connection.

ISO 4287 International Standard, DIN 4768 German Standard.
JISB 601 Japanese Standard, ANSI B46.1 American Standard.

Product Parameter
* Measuring Range : Ra: 0.05~10.00um/1.000~400.0uinch
Rz: 0.1~50.0um/4.000~2000uinch
* Accuracy : Not more than ±15%
* Fluctuation of display value : Not more than 10%
* Resolution : 0.001um, 0.01um, 0.1um

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