Vibration Meter

Vibration Meter



Specification : Vibro Measurer In accordance with ISO 2954         



     VM 8200

VM 8200mk II


4 digit 18mm LCD measured Values/units/10 & battery symbol

Acceleration(Peak value)

0.1~200.0 m/s2

0.3~656.2 ft/s2

0.1~400 m/s2

0.3~656.2 ft/s2


Velocity (True-RMS)

0.01~20.00 cm/s

0.01~40.00 cm/s // 0.000~16 inch/s

Displacement (Peak to Peak)

0.001~2.000 mm

0.001~4.000 mm

0.04~160.0 mil


RPM (Revolution)                  N.A

60~99,990 r/min


Frequency                             N.A

1 to 20 KHz


Accuracy                        < 5% + 2digits

< 5% + 2 digits


Metric/Imperial Conversion                                          b


Max Hold, Low Battery indicator                                  b


Auto Power off                                                             b


With RS-232C interface                                               b       


Regulated Output

AC Output 2.0v peak full scale


Operating Conditions      0C to 40C

0C to 45C


Power supply              4×1.5v AAA(UM-4)

4×1.5v AAA(UM-4)


Dimensions                 160×68×32 mm

124×62×30 mm


Weight(not including battery)  185g



Standard Accessories

Main unit      1PC


Carrying Case      1PC


Powerful rare earth magnet     1PC


Piezoelectricity transducer(length:2.0m) 1PC   


Cone type & Ball type


User’s Manual      1PC


Optional Accessories

Cable & Software for RS-232C (Length of Cable :1.5m)    1PC

Headphone as electronic stethoscope   







Vibro Measurer Features


Analysis velocity, Acceleration and Displacement;
Large LCD display all functions and parameters;  (VM 8200)


Integrated accelerometer and digital display;
Pocket size dimensions and light weight; (VM 8200mkII)
Wide measurement range. From low frequencies characteristic of unbalanced rotation and misalignment, to high frequencies resulting from bearing vibrations;
Measures acceleration (m/s² peak), velocity (mm/s rms), and displacement (mm p-p);
Newly designed shear type piezoelectric pickup measurement a wide vibration range simply by being held against measurement object;
Wide-range design eliminates the need for frequent measurement range switching;
Hold function makes measurement results easy to read.
Auto power off design without power switch conserves battery power by shutting the unit off automatically.



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Digital Vibration Meter VM8200MkII
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