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Comet Instruments is a fast growing company in the field of LED Display Boards , Industrial Instruments and customize products today we are the leading player of India with a large range of products that covers manufacturing, financial, advertising, travel & hospitality, sports, transport, commerce, retailing and entertainment sector. Our Products like Electronic Moving message Display, LED Digital Clock systems, clock, Multizone Clock, world clocks and precision master clock, Message Board, Production counter, jumbo Temperature humidity clock products. If necessary, our hardware/software design team will work with you to customize existing products or design new LED products to suit your requirements. In any case, Comet Instruments has the ideal solution for your electronic signage needs , we are the manufacturer of all industrial & display Instruments

We can customize the existing products to specific requirements from our clients and produce special models not only at Large Volume orders but also Small Quantities OEM designs are often feasible at a very low cost of development. for professional applications. An extensive list of customer specified options.

Our high quality products are in use in time and reliability critical applications in every part of the world. These applications include banking and the financial markets, broadcasting, industrial processes, power generation, research, security, sports, telecommunications and every type of transportation system. our valuable clients scientech ,nivo controls,crompton greaves,bridge stone , man sow pipe, we are the Importer of measuring Instruments

Product Cover

Industrial :- Digital Panel Meter,(DPM), Digital Volt Meter(AC,DC), Digital Amp. Meter(AC,DC) Frequency Meter, Rpm Meter, Digital Temperature Indicator,(DTI), Digital Temperature Controller(DTC) PID Temperature controller, Multi point Temperature Indicator, Boiler Temperature Controller Temperature Scanner, Digital Timer, Electronic Counter, Counter Controller, Length Totalizer, Time Totalizer Line Transducer, Signal Isolators

Measuring Instruments:- Digital Multi Meter, Digital Clamp Meter, Digital Portable Thermometer Oscilloscope, Infrared Thermometer (IR Thermometer), Digital Anemometer, Digital Sound Level Meter (DB Meter) Digital Moisture Meter, Digital Stroboscope, Digital Environment Tester, Digital Tachometer, Digital Vibration meter Digital Coating Thickness Gage, Digital Lux Meter, Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gage, Digital PH/ORP Meters Digital Earth Resistance Testers, Digital Rubber Hardness Tester

Display Boards:- Bank Interest Rate Display , Foreign Exchange Rate Display, Token Display, Moving Message Display, Digital Clock, Production Status Monitor, Gold Silver Rate Display, Timer For Signboard

OEM Products:- Device Programmer for 89 series, Delay PCB, Level PCB, Timer for Sign Board IR Remote Operated Switch, Process Automation

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